What they’re saying about Don Smith

One of Don’s greatest strengths as a teacher/presenter is based in his passion for the work he does. Don is also very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that is easy to understand. He incorporates multidimensional and realistic components to his teaching which helps people see the connection of the Word of God to everything and everyday life. His teachings have helped me to feel more connected to the word of God. Dr. Farai Makombe

Two believers were talking about Jesus Christ in Luke 24:32 – “And they said one to another, did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” This is how Don makes me feel when he shares the Word of God. My believing for Don is that he continues to rightly divide God’s Word so that we don`t develop yet another religion from men guessing. He is diligent in his thinking, and takes action based on the truth that he knows, making him wise. I will always love Don and his tireless giving to strengthen God’s household, and to set people free with knowledge of God’s love.

DDon Smith is a man with an ever clearer and evolving vision of his life and calling. He loves his family, is dedicated to his profession, and takes the time to reach out and touch others via his ability to write, teach, and counsel. As Don continues to eliminate distraction and hone his God given tools…watch out world! Rev. Mark Wallace (True North Ministries)

“Don has blessed and enriched me and my family’s life in many ways. I’m very thankful for his life and his love for our Heavenly Father and His Word. Don is very adept at teaching, especially in communicating and living God’s Word. He continues to raise my vision and expectations on what God is willing and able to do. It’s a privilege to know and stand with God’s best.”

“Ihave observed Mr. Don Smith on a few occasions as a presenter. He has always delivered the content of his presentation with grace and passion often igniting interesting commentary and inquisitive dialogue among and between the members of the audience.”

“I have known Don for a few years. I know him to be a critical thinker that always succeeds in provoking readers to engage in stepping out of their comfort zone. Don is driven to speak the truth whether or not you agree with him. He is a gifted and insightful writer.Don will never make a statement, or ask a question that does not require critical thinking . Don has been an intellectual and a spiritual inspiration on so many occasions. I doubt he realizes the positive effects he has had on me, and so many other people.”

“Don is a skilled and dynamic presenter, whether this is with agency staff or with a group of at risk teenagers. He pulls from his own experiences and integrates this with knowledge and passion, impacting his audience in a meaningful and effective manner. Don is well versed in several areas such as diversity, cultural competency, racism, and gender specific programming. He has the ability to connect his audience to these topics in an experiential process designed to provoke thought, insight and change.”

“Don Smith is an exceptional speaker to large or small groups. He has a tremendous impact on both adults as well as youth who are interested in having their thoughts and beliefs challenged. He makes you think critically but does it in a non-judgmental manner that keeps you engaged in the topic at hand. Thanks to Don our agency was able to talk openly about diversity issues that we were facing and come to a better understanding of how to positively change the concern identified.”