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What I See
A New Prescription for Thought

Author: Don Smith
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What I See: A New Prescription for Thought is a series of thought-provoking essays on critical issues facing America with a special focus on black America. Using penetrating logic and detailed analysis, author Don Smith hit on such issues as Hip-Hop, reparations, the value of black women, critical thinking, and many others. Written with the intellect of WEB DuBois, the love of MLK Jr., and the intensity of Malcolm X, What I See: A New Prescription for Thought should be read by young and old, black and white, and all those serious about engaging in critical thinking to bring about change. Dr. William Clifton, a Social Justice Educator for University of Wisconsin-Madison says, “Mr. Smith has written a very powerful and personal series of essays premised upon the need for ‘Critical Consciousness’ within and specifically for the African-American community. Embodying what he espouses, Mr. Smith provides a rich array of ideas for readers interested in a deeper, more personal understanding of the historical and on going impact of White Privilege on Race and Gender and Education in the United States.”

Reviews of Book

“Don Smith has insisted on walking the pathway of the great black leaders of the past who insisted on speaking truth and challenging our people to respond to at the risk of acceptability and popularity. His discussion of reparations is nothing short of brilliant. His audacious challenge to young and old to “think” may well one day be recognized as a classic.” Rev. Clarence Lumumba James, Sr., Founder and President- Youth Leadership Development Programs

“What I see” is a fresh, to the point work that challenges us to become aware of the ethnic crisis that is becoming more and more obvious in our fine country. A short book, but certainly not a “quick read”, Don Smith keeps it focused and passionate, with a feel not unlike the great Black leaders and ancestors of our past. I felt cleansed and uplifted after reading this, and it gives me hope that there are more individuals out there raising our levels of thinking and tolerance. I could not recommend this book highly enough to everybody. Keep on writing please, Mr. Smith!

“What I see was so motivating, uplifting, and insightful. What a thrill! It makes you want to get involved at your own hearts level, and make a mark of progress all your own. This book is a refreshing ride for anyone who longs, with all their soul for a well thought out adventure in the Black American experience, in today’s society. No matter what your concern, your burden, your hurt for the black community there is a new prescription. Well Done Mr. Smith.”

“Both thought provoking and confrontational to every American–and rightly so–“What I See” exposes not only the deepest thoughts of the author but also those of the American people. I love that Don Smith is not afraid to speak up and speak boldly about the unspeakable–the dark history of how the United States has treated some of its own citizens. Striking a great balance between critical thinking and genuine care for people, Smith exposes the hidden thoughts and fears of blacks, whites, and everyone in between. Regardless of the reader’s age, race, religion, gender, or city of residence, Smith’s essays will give readers a new perspective on life in the United States as well as solutions to problems this country and its people have long had.”